Paddling in kayak on Cabo de Gata

paddling kayak in Cabo Gata Spain


There is no better way to see the coast of Cabo de Gata Natural Park that skirt it with a kayak or canoe at sea. The best views of the rocky cliffs are only possible from within the sea. With the kayak we can approach parts of the coast that are inaccessible from the ground and find caves so that the waves have carved in the rock, or enjoy small coves where we will be the unique swimmers. You can navigate between the rocks of the Sirens escullo or contemplate the fossil dune Escullos from within the water. Routes are countless and must be done accompanied by an experienced guide who knows the area and knows when navigation conditions are optimal and where it should pass without risks.


Within the Cabo de Gata Nature reserve there are several companies that specialize in organizing tours and kayak or canoes hire. The kayaks are usually one or two-seat occupant, although there are bigger with more places are less manageable and not used. Routes along the coast are made without departing from it never, that offer maximum safety for participants. The routes range from the output of a couple of hours to half day or full day. It is a perfect activity to do in groups, each taking a kayak or each pair sharing a two-seater. And highly recommended for all ages.



Currently these boats are very safe, as be an open kayak with no flood cover or a canoe with skirt. As a security measure you should always plan the route in advance and take into consideration the weather and the wind in the area you will want to visit. We recall that require the use of approved lifejacket to navigate in a kayak.


It should be noted that fishing from a kayak is prohibited, even if you have a license to fish from shore, this permit is not valid from a kayak. Coastal patrol policeman frequently are patrolling the area, if they see us fishing from a kayak we will receive a sanction and our fishing gadgets will be requisitioned.


Sea kayak or canoe in Cabo de Gata





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