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Top Tips For Writing A Great Essay

Top Tips For Writing A Great Essay

An essay is important to assess your critical thinking skills and ability to put your thinking into academic written form. So, if you want to write a great essay, you need to consider the following steps: Analyze the question: Your student essay m...

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Why Is An Essay Writing Important?

Why Is An Essay Writing Important?

Essay writing is an essential skill for various reasons. First, it teaches students how to research, organize information, and turn their thoughts into points. They are also important as they will hel...

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Essential Features Of An Essay

Essential Features Of An Essay

An essay is an important part of academic writing. It is a piece of writing that discusses a particular topic and is mostly written to explore or express an author's opinion or thoughts. So, if you are planning to write an essay, you need to be famil...

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Top Do’s and Don’ts of Academic Writing

Formal writing, also called academic writing, spans everything from essays to complicated thesis statements. Since they are written by university and college students, they are written for scores and GPAs. Hence, students must follow a strict procedure while writing essay or any academic content.

It can be a daunting experience for students to expertise and deliver quality content in all desired formats. However, there are some basic do’s and don’ts while writing any form of academic content, following which it can be made accessible.

Do’s of academic writing

Objective writing

Academic writing follows an objective style with factual information, logical reasoning, and unemotional and precise content. So while stating facts, you should never provide impersonal information, and the content should be purely based on facts and research findings. By referring to credible sources, you can pick up substantial amounts of data to help you back your argument.

Clear and crisp writing

Academic papers need to be more constructive writing, meaning there is no beating around the bush. Providing clarity with your arguments should be the primary goal of writing academic papers. This helps better present your analysis and point of view to the reader.

Structuring of sentences

From your audience’s perspective, it is best to write short, crisp, and quality sentences that are clear to the reader. One of the main rules of writing academically is to aim for embellishments and directness. This also involves including academic and discipline-related jargon to connect to the readers of the specific field.

Don’ts of academic writing

Don’t use colloquial language

While we wrote about using structure-based, non-complicated sentences, it is also best to avoid penalties and language of everyday use. Although it is not a rule, it can be frowned upon and deduct your score.

Don’t change the verb tense

Tense also plays an essential factor in your academic writing. Tenses usually indicate the time of the event which took place – whether past, present, or future. It is best to avoid randomly changing the tenses of the verb. Doing so will directly reflect on the credibility of the paper and your statements of argument. Such mistakes can be avoided when you write essays when you’re wide awake and not at 3 am.

Don’t use personal language

Don't use personal language

As mentioned above, research, commitment, factual information, and communication take utmost priority in writing academic papers. Hence the language should be highly formal. Even if it’s your favorite mentor going through your work, you should be careful in deciding the language. For example, avoid using pronouns like I, My, Me, etc., and focus on writing from a third-party perspective. This will automatically prevent personal touches in the article.

Don’t exceed the word count

Academic essays generally have a smaller word count when compared to informal essays, which can be frustrating. However, this word limit is provided to encourage students to write briefly and avoid redundant information. By sticking to the word count, you can prevent unnecessary information and focus on providing a solution to the problem statement.


The Basics Of Essay Writing 101 Guide

Everything has become so simple and accessible with the internet and technology boom. Whether buying clothes, paying bills online, etc., one can get it done with just a click through a phone or computer.

Even in education and academic research, information is available with just one click. It has become more helpful for students who struggle with their essays. Today, there are various essay writing services online that one can seek help from.

There is no harm in getting help from good phd dissertation help websites if you’re struggling. Whether essay or any form of writing, it may not be easy as it seems. Especially students who are assigned to cover a particular topic or subject.

Forming our thoughts into words can be pretty challenging unless one has a knack for writing or has prior experience. But we dare say half of the problem is created by us! Want to know how? Keep reading as we guide you on the basics of essay writing.

Problems You Should Pay Heed To

When we say half of the problem lies with us, we mean two things:

  • Our preconceived notions are that essay writing is hard, and this information is wired into our brains, making it harder to function.
  • Not understanding the aspect of essay writing like structuring, essay types, styles, forms, etc.

Most students struggle with writing essays, which is an ongoing issue. Some even sulk at the very idea of it. Admittedly, lots of complexity involves when it comes to writing. However, essay writing can be fun if you work on the two problems listed above.

Whatever the topic or subject you’re assigned, always take it positively. With a positive mindset and determination, the level of complexity lessens.

For example, you’re told to write an essay on cryptocurrency, which you have no idea about. Now, you may panic or worry about the topic and then sulk! But what if you take it in a good way and then research it instead of sulking? It will be more productive and expand your knowledge.

Once you have enough information on a topic, the next step is to write them. Not many are well-versed in styles and forms of essay writing. And this often led to poor structuring and quality. Let’s discuss more on this!

Essay Writing: Types, Structuring, And Styles

Essay writing is a type of writing genre that centers around a specific subject or topic. Based on the topic, you have to write it accordingly. First, understand the topic, analyze and then proceed with the writing.

Say you have to write an essay on the topic “Is capitalism good?” Here, first, you have to determine whether you’re against or in favor. The purpose here is to address your point of view in words.


Your thoughts are expressed and understood better when it’s structured appropriately. An essay writing comes with three parts:


The introduction part is where most people struggle. Even well-known writer like Stephen king has stated the beginning part is the scariest. But once you get the hang of it, it flows smoothly. It is the part where you need to give an idea about your topic. It should catch your reader’s attention so they can continue reading further. Keep the introduction exciting and engaging.

If you have read essays by some of the best essay writers, you’ll notice how their introduction are precise yet leaves you wanting to read more. That’s how it should be. If you’re confused, take notes from them, or you can get tips and help from websites that write essays for you.


The body of the essay is the part where you put all your points, ideas, etc. It’s an important part where the purpose of a specific subject is conveyed. Here, you can divide it into paragraphs based on the length of the words of the essay. If it’s a 500 words essay, two or three paragraphs will suffice.

The number of body paragraphs may also vary depending on the essay type. For instance, an argumentative or analysis essay might have more than four paragraphs since you must present your views in more detail.


This section is the end part of the essay, where you give an overall analysis of your topic. You highlight some crucial points of your study, leaving the readers to ponder. Some may think that the concluding part is unimportant, but it’s equally vital as the introduction and body sections.

Different Types/ Styles Of Essay

Essays come in different styles, forms, or types. It can get quite confusing, especially if you’re new. So, to make your task easier, check the list of different essay types below:

Critical analysis essay

This type of essay is literature-based, where you analyze an author’s writing or some piece of their work. Here you take a part of the literature and then present your argument. It follows the traditional format, which is:

  • Introduction
  • Thesis
  • Body
  • Conclusion

You can take help from top essay writing services if you’re new. They deal in various essay types and might help you kickstart. We all need guidance at the initial stage, so getting tips and ideas from the best essay writing service would be great.

Expository essay

One of the basic essay types is an expository essay. It’s shorter in length as you only have to define the topic or concept asked without an argument. For example, the topic is “Difference between apple and banana.” Here you just have to state the facts and their differences. Nothing more, nothing less!

Argumentative/ Persuasive essay

This essay type may be similar to a critical analysis essay but is more of taking a stance on a particular subject. Here you present your views in a more detailed way welcoming both sides of narratives on a particular issue.

A persuasive essay has an introduction, thesis, body, and conclusion. The counterarguments are added in the body paragraphs.

Descriptive essay

A descriptive essay is more on the creative side. Here you let imaginary sense get work and turn it into words. It will be good for beginners as a way of writing exercise where they can use their creative skills. For ideas and tips, check out sites that write essays of these types. It might broaden your mind and improve your writing.

Compare and contrast essay

As the name itself, this essay type compares two different points. It’s done to see the similarities and dissimilarities. The body paragraphs are divided into two parts for contrast and comparison.

Narrative essay

A narrative essay has more of a personal inclination and is written from the first person POV (Point of View). This essay has more of one’s experience with little emphasis on facts. College application essays, personal statements, and scholarship essays are considered narrative essays.

Once you understand what essay type to write, structuring becomes simple. Additionally, you’re clear with an idea of how to proceed with your essay. You can write an essay in formal and informal ways, but it mostly depends on the topic and the type of readers.

Is It Okay To Get Help From Essay Writing Service Online?

Not all are blessed with the talent to write or be expressive in words. What we think or want to convey may not come out as we intend. So, using  best essay writing services seems like a good plan at the initial stage. Once you get an idea about the art of essay writing, you can start writing yourself next time.

Essay writing can be a fun experience if you put your heart into it or loves to write. Once you understand the aspect of it, it gets simpler. Now that you know how to structure and the essay types, essay writing becomes more effortless. All you need is to research the given topic or subject to write better and be more comprehensive.

Expand your vocabulary so that you can express it well. You can read blogs, magazines, or books to learn new words. Additionally, know your readers or audience. If you’re applying for a college application essay, it means you’re applying to the head of the authority. Based on that, you need to structure the words accordingly.

You can contact some of the best online essay writing services if you want to order an essay online. Getting help from a reputable site would be great. It will help you understand the word flow and how it’s structured.

Final Thought

Essay writing is simple unless you already have preconceived notions about it. All you need is to start with an introduction, followed by body paragraphs, and then a conclusion. Some subjects or topics might be challenging, but with the internet on the fore, you can get information within a few minutes.

As we end the article, we hope this essay guide was helpful and cleared your doubts. Give it a shot with descriptive essay type as a writing practice. It’s one of the most basic types where you can put your creative thoughts into words. Or, get essay writing help online if you’re stuck!


Essential Features Of An Essay

Essential Features Of An Essay

Top Do’s and Don’ts of Academic Writing

Top Do’s and Don’ts of Academic Writing

How To Choose An Excellent Essay Topic?

How To Choose An Excellent Essay Topic?

Top Tips For Writing A Great Essay

Top Tips For Writing A Great Essay

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Essential Features Of An Essay

Top Do’s and Don’ts of Academic Writing

How To Choose An Excellent Essay Topic?

Top Tips For Writing A Great Essay

The Basics Of Essay Writing 101 Guide

Why Is An Essay Writing Important?